Video Analytics Solution

A real-time, AI-based video analytics solution deployed on any platform from edge to cloud

Megh Computing’s Video Analytics Solution (VAS) product line accelerates video analytics pipelines to generate actionable business intelligence from streaming video for smart factories, smart cities, smart buildings, and other segments. Built on our best-in-class real-time analytics platform with AI+acceleration using GPUs or FPGAs, VAS offers the highest performance, most scalability, greatest flexibility, and best vendor choice for system integrators and independent software vendors.

See the VAS product line.

Use cases

VAS addresses critical use-cases throughout the retail supply chain.

Enhance public safety

Monitor social distancing, body temperature, and PPE compliance

Control access

Enhance access control systems with smart surveillance

Manage inventory

Track and decrease inventory loss and distortion

Prevent fraud

Prevent loss from mis-scans and employee theft

Video analytics pipeline with Nimble Framework

VAS implements the complete video analytics pipeline (consisting of the ingest, transform, and infer phases in combination with the analytics and visualization phases) using our scalable and flexible Nimble Framework, which supports plugins for different accelerators.

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Deployment configurations

Enable real-time analytics at the edge, on premises, or private or public cloud.

VAS product line

VAS 100

For CPU-only deployments on AWS or edge server

VAS 300

For small-scale deployment using edge servers with low-profile FPGA accelerator cards, to support approximately 10 cameras per server

VAS 500

For medium-scale deployments using 1U or 2U RMS (rack mount servers) with single or multiple low-profile or high-profile FPGA accelerator cards, to support up to 10s of cameras per servers

VAS 700

For large-scale deployment using 2U RMS with multiple high-profile FPGA accelerator cards, to support up to 100s of cameras per server


VAS is also available as a SDK supporting DLE and other pipeline stages as a service.

Product comparison

Product Server Accelerator cards Cameras per system

Edge gateways
(e.g., Core i3/i5-based)



Edge servers
(e.g., Xeon D-based)

Low profile

Up to 20

Enterprise servers
(e.g., Xeon Silver-based)

Low/high profile

Up to 50

Enterprise servers
(e.g., Xeon Gold-based)

Low/high profile

Up to 150

Try VAS 100 for free
Connect from your IP camera and explore public safety use cases

VAS solution briefs

VAS solution brief
VAS solution brief — Smart factories
VAS solution brief — Smart buildings

VAS case studies

VAS case study — Smart factories

Social distancing demo

VAS supports social distancing applications at scale. See the demo.

Technical papers

This 11-page Dell-EMC technical white paper evaluates a video analytics pipeline with deep learning inference using Megh’s VAS and Intel Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) FPGAs on Dell EMC PowerEdge R740/R740xd servers.

Real Time Streaming Analytics with Megh
Computing on Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

This 3-page HPE technical white paper discusses how customers can achieve dramatically increased performance and reduced TCO by running the Megh Computing real-time streaming video analytics platform on the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server with Intel Arria 10 GX FPGAs compared to a configuration without FPGAs.

Real-Time Streaming Video Analytics with Hewlett
Packard Enterprise, Intel, and Megh Computing

Intel partnership

In the following video, see how Intel and Megh have partnered in developing low-latency analytics using AI with Intel FPGAs.

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