VAS Suite

Modernize your organization with operationally reliable AI.

VAS Suite is Megh’s intelligent video analytics solution for managed service providers and solution integrators who need actionable insights with enterprise-class performance while managing TCO.

With our Concierge Support behind you, VAS Suite makes it easy to transition to AI-driven business operations.

Intelligent video analytics

VAS Suite supports video analytics for a growing library of public safety and business operations use cases:

Physical security

Intrusion, loiter, and proximity detection, people occupancy and tracking, and more

Worker safety

PPE compliance, fire and spill detection, monitor keep-out areas, worker fallen, and more

Inventory management

Box and pallet counting, object left behind, planogram compliance, shelf stock, and more

Operational efficiency

Dwell times, heat maps, queue management, space utilization, worker productivity, and more

Traffic management

ALPR, traffic violation, vehicle access control, vehicle counting, vehicle tracking, and more

Custom analytics

Develop actionable insights on any aspect of operations

See the entire use-case library.


Review live and stored events

Adjust settings for highest accuracy

Rules and notifications

Deployment and integration options

Advanced configuration

Integrated solution

VAS Suite works with other Megh products to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

VAS Portal— Manage multiple VAS Suite instances via any browser with our easy-to-use dashboard.

VAS SDK Build custom VAS Suite use-cases and take total control with operationally reliable, high-performance intelligent video analytics.

Concierge Support

We’re behind you! No matter if you’re new to implementing AI or a seasoned video analytics expert, Megh’s Concierge Support makes it easy for partners to solve difficult customer challenges with leading technology.

Our Concierge Support provides:

  • Complimentary onboarding and consultation
  • Assistance with analytics fine-tuning
  • Development of custom analytics
  • Ongoing remote assistance

Deployment configurations

Enable real-time analytics at the edge, on premises, or private or public cloud.

Actionable insights with VAS Suite

Comprehensive control

  • Customize the AI/video analytics pipeline for any camera/sensor stream
  • Optimize for accuracy, TCO, or performance based on use case
  • Edge-to-cloud deployment options for performance, cost, and regulatory adherence

Safe scalability

  • Start with CPU and scale to GPU/FPGA as needed
  • Scale from 1 to 100 cameras per system
  • Link multiple systems and manage in VAS Suite dashboard

Easy AI adoption

  • Concierge Support for onboarding, support, or customization assistance

Optimized TCO

  • Right-size hardware (not over or under-spec’d)
  • Pre-tested requirements mean no surprises once deployed in the field
  • Add software licenses as needed, per channel

Enables operational reliability

  • Intelligent video analytics that actually deliver in complex environments and use cases
  • Provides accuracy and real-time performance to fully transition to AI-driven business
Get started with VAS Suite
More information, product demo, free trial, expert consultation—begin exploring how to transition to AI-driven operations with VAS Suite

Product brief

VAS Suite product brief

See VAS Suite demo of public safety use cases

Experience VAS Suite performing intrusion detection, loiter detection, people occupancy, people counting, and physical distancing.

Watch an overview of VAS Suite with FPGA acceleration

Hear from Megh founder and CEO PK Gupta at the Intel FPGA Technology Day 2021 Conference.

VAS case studies

VAS case study — Smart factories

VAS solutions

Megh is bundling use cases into market-ready solutions for a growing number of verticals.

VAS for Smart Buildings
VAS for Smart Cities
VAS for Smart Factories
VAS for Smart Retail
VAS for Smart Warehouses
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