Enterprises, system integrators (SIs), OEMs, and developers can take control with Megh’s Open Analytics VAS SDK: A simplified and supported platform for custom, high-performance intelligent video analytics solutions.

VAS SDK allows developers to optimize video (and data) analytics pipelines and integrate highly customizable AI into applications and products.

With AI+ acceleration using GPUs, FPGAs, and SOCs, VAS SDK offers the highest performance, most scalability, greatest flexibility, and best vendor choice for system integrators and independent software vendors.


VAS SDK is a platform optimized for real-world complexity and performance.

Fully customizable pipeline

Real-time system

Cross-platform support

Open vendor choice

Intelligent video analytics

VAS SDK enables development of end-to-end intelligent video analytics solutions with the following Megh products:

VAS Suite— Deploy market-ready solutions that create actionable insights to reduce risks and improve operational efficiencies.

VAS Portal— Manage multiple VAS Suite instances via any browser with our easy-to-use dashboard.

For help with creating or implementing video analytics for your custom use case, contact us.

Specifications and implementation

  • Languages supported: Python
  • AI model frameworks: Pytorch and TensorFlow (TF-Lite)
  • Platforms: CPU, GPU, FPGA, SOC
  • Vendors: Intel, AMD, ARM, Xilinx, NVIDIA, Qualcomm
  • Cloud infrastructure supported: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

For more technical details, learn about The Megh Platform.

SDK extensions

Enhance VAS SDK with our SDK extensions:

  • DLE SDK: Train, build, and deploy custom models with Pytorch, TF-Lite, and other frameworks on FPGAs for AI deep learning inferencing
  • AFU SDK (coming soon): Develop custom FPGA accelerator function units (AFUs) for analytics using RTL/HLS for deployment on scale-out FPGA platforms
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For more information about DLE SDK, contact us.


VAS SDK is an Open Analytics solution, designed to enable flexible, scalable, high-performance, end-to-end integration into your business operations, applications, and products.

Comprehensive control

  • Customize the AI/video analytics pipeline for any camera/sensor stream
  • Optimize for accuracy, TCO, or performance based on use case
  • Edge-to-cloud deployment options for performance, cost, and regulatory adherence

Safe scalability

  • Start with CPU and scale to GPU/FPGA as needed
  • Change compute platform and/or deployment type on the fly
  • Stability for business users while scaling (no need to recode app layer)

Easy AI adoption

  • Utilities provided to help report data and optimize analytics
  • Concierge Support for custom integration or model development

Optimized TCO

  • Right-size hardware for simple-to-complex use cases, based on pre-tested specs
  • Lowest TCO for any performance target

Enables operational reliability

  • Intelligent video analytics that actually deliver in complex environments and use cases
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Product brief

VAS SDK product brief

Technical papers

This 11-page Dell-EMC technical white paper evaluates a video analytics pipeline with deep learning inference using Megh’s VAS and Intel Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) FPGAs on Dell EMC PowerEdge R740/R740xd servers.

Real Time Streaming Analytics with Megh
Computing on Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

This 3-page HPE technical white paper discusses how customers can achieve dramatically increased performance and reduced TCO by running the Megh Computing real-time streaming video analytics platform on the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server with Intel Arria 10 GX FPGAs compared to a configuration without FPGAs.

Real-Time Streaming Video Analytics with Hewlett
Packard Enterprise, Intel, and Megh Computing

Intel partnership

In the following video, see how Intel and Megh have partnered in developing low-latency analytics using AI with Intel FPGAs.

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