VAS for Smart Retail

Intel Market Ready certified

Megh is bundling use cases into market-ready solutions for a growing number of verticals.

VAS FOR SMART RETAIL is Megh’s market-ready intelligent video analytics solution preconfigured for inventory management and operational efficiencies at retail locations.

Use cases

Planogram compliance

Track planogram compliance to improve shelf space optimization

Shelf restocking

Monitor stock to prevent loss of sales

Heat maps

Track where shoppers spend time to improve retail performance

Queue management

Track time in checkout lines to improve efficiency and customer experience

People occupancy

Count people inside a building or room to protect people and property

Box counting

Count boxes on pallets being loaded or unloaded to reduce inventory misplacement

Worker fallen

Warn of falls to protect workers

Custom analytics

Develop actionable insights on any aspect of operations

Solution overview

Deploy on edge gateways at multiple sites and manage through a single pane of glass using VAS Portal.

Hardware and software

For up to 10 cameras, one Intel NUC (mini-desktop), with:

  • Intel Core i5/i7 6 cores with iGPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD
  • Ethernet Port

Distributed software architecture:

  • Linux Ubuntu 18.x distribution
  • Docker container
  • Kubernetes-based orchestration
  • Intel OpenVINO toolkit
  • Support for REST and WebSocket APIs
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VAS for Smart Retail dashboard



Market-ready solution for deployment by

  • Managed service providers
  • IoT solution aggregators

Complete end-to-end solution that is easy to deploy and configure

  • Quick start sites with VAS Portal
  • Support portal for site setup and support

Built on VAS Suite for

  • High operational reliability with advanced AI Models
  • Deployment from on-premises to cloud
  • Scalability for additional cameras and use cases
  • Open Analytics compliance

White label-ready to support your brand

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VAS for Smart Retail solution brief

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VAS for smart places solution brief
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