VAS 700

Built on our best-in-class real-time analytics platform with AI+ acceleration, Video Analytics Solution (VAS) is Megh’s real-time streaming analytics platform for generating actionable business intelligence from streaming video for retail, manufacturing, logistics, security, and other segments.

VAS 700 is for large-scale deployment using enterprise servers with one or more high-profile GPU or FPGA accelerator cards, supporting up to 100s of streams per server.

VAS 700 is available in two versions:

VAS 700 Cloud

VAS 700 Cloud runs on AWS EC2 G4 or F1 instances and will be available soon on other cloud service providers.

VAS 700 Edge

VAS 700 Edge is deployed on premises in a private data center on an enterprise server with Nvidia GPU or Intel or Xilinx FPGA accelerator cards.

Use cases

VAS 700 supports various use cases across streams. In general, use cases vary in complexity based on the underlying deep learning models used in the inferencing stage and post processing done in the analytics stage.

The relationship between the number of streams (or channels) supported, cost per channel, and complexity of use cases is shown below.

Low complexity use cases run well on VAS 100 with integrated GPU (iGPU) accelerators. Higher complexity use cases map well to VAS 700, where we deploy accelerators to process complex deep learning models and increase the number of channels supported.

VAS 700 can be customized to implement use cases of varying complexity across 10s of input streams using the VAS SDK, resulting in the highest performance for the lowest cost.

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