VAS 100

Built on our best-in-class real-time analytics platform with AI+ acceleration, Video Analytics Solution (VAS) is Megh’s real-time streaming analytics platform for generating actionable business intelligence from streaming video for retail, manufacturing, logistics, security, and other segments.

VAS 100 is a complete, end-to-end video analytics solution that offers high performance and low latency. VAS 100 supports up to ten channels of video running on the CPU only. As your analytics needs grow, you can easily upgrade to VAS 300 or higher and accelerate any or all portions of the pipeline using accelerator devices such as GPUs or FPGAs. 

VAS 100 is available in two versions:


VAS 100 AWS (VAS 100-00 beta) runs on AWS EC2 C5 and T3 instances.

This solution can connect to two remote IP cameras and supports public safety use cases, displaying real-time statistics in a customizable Web dashboard.

Try VAS 100 AWS on AWS Marketplace free for 30 days.

VAS 100 Edge

VAS 100 Edge (VAS 100-10 beta) is deployed on premises on an edge gateway (e.g., an Intel NUC device) in a Docker container.

This solution can connect up to ten cameras and supports public safety use cases.

Try VAS 100 Edge free for 30 days.

Contact us to purchase VAS 100 or upgrade to VAS 300 or higher.

Use cases

VAS 100 provides public safety solutions.

PPE compliance

Ensure workers are wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks.

Intrusion detection

Detect people, cars, animals, or other objects entering properties or crossing perimeters.


Count people and detect overcrowding.

Physical distancing

Monitor compliance with physical distancing requirements.

People tracking

Detect people entering restricted or unsafe areas.

VAS 100 product brief

VAS 100 product brief

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