Shabodi and Megh Computing unveil network-aware video analytics solutions for private 5G networks

Shabodi and Megh Computing announced the launch of a network-aware video analytics solutions suite designed for private advanced networks (LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and 6G). The solutions are powered by Megh’s Open Analytics platform and Video Analytics Solution (VAS) product line, and Shabodi’s network-aware Application Enablement Platform (AEP). 

Video analytics is a critical sensory technology across industrial use cases, including real-time security and surveillance, immersive worker assistance, and quality control. It supports multiple applications to reduce risks and improve operational efficiencies, such as:

  • Smart factories: Quality control, safety monitoring, and process optimization
  • Smart cities: People management, traffic management, and anomaly detection
  • Smart warehouses: Inventory tracking, PPE and safety compliance, and collision detection

“Shabodi is proud to collaborate with Megh Computing to provide a groundbreaking suite of network-aware video analytics applications on private 5G networks and beyond. Our joint effort brings the transformative potential of network-aware applications across several industrial use cases. This launch further underscores our commitment to maximize enterprise private 5G investments with cutting-edge use cases,” said Harpreet Geekee, Co-founder of Shabodi.

By leveraging Shabodi’s AEP, Megh Computing’s video analytics applications become network-aware, dynamically requesting quality of service on demand (QoS) to ensure specific video cameras receive guaranteed bandwidth and required latency parameters. In addition, the real-time interaction between Megh Computing’s application and Shabodi’s AEP allows the application to adjust frame rates depending on the number of active cameras.

Shabodi’s AEP simplifies the underlying complexities of telecom network APIs, exposing developers to easy-to-use RESTful APIs for building network-aware applications that work across multiple network vendors. As a result, Shabodi unleashes the power of advanced networks, said Ramesh Kaza, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Shabodi.

CEO of Megh Computing PK Gupta said, “Megh’s Open Analytics platform is powered by the Nimble Application Framework, which supports a resource and execution management engine to deliver optimum performance with minimum latency. Coupling this with network-aware features now adds a new layer of reliability to our solutions, ensuring that critical insights reach relevant stakeholders in a prioritized manner.” 

Megh’s platform and VAS product line support advanced AI models optimized with continuous training. The combination with Shabodi AEP’s network-aware features ensures high operational reliability, paving the way for the next generation of video analytics solutions.

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About Megh Computing

Megh Computing provides a real-time, AI-based streaming analytics platform that uses any hardware architecture for edge-to-cloud deployments. Megh’s solution automates the use of data from cameras and sensors as a signal for real-time actionable insights, creating business value for enterprise customers. Megh Computing is headquartered in Hillsboro, OR, USA, with development offices in Bangalore, India. For more information visit or follow Megh on  LinkedIn.

About Shabodi

Shabodi unleashes the power of advanced networks (LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi6, 6G). Its groundbreaking market-first Application Enablement Platform (AEP) enables enterprises, system integrators, and application vendors to build vendor-agnostic network-aware applications leveraging the network APIs. The real-time interaction of applications with the network allows new 5G monetization models for private network deployments. Shabodi AEP delivers the maximum value out of enterprise private 5G deployments, making the network an intelligent asset rather than a simple connectivity pipe. For more information visit or follow Shabodi on LinkedIn.

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