Open Analytics

What is Open Analytics?

Open Analytics is an innovative approach to intelligent video analytics that gives business users, integrators, and developers the power to easily integrate real-time AI into their business operations, applications, and products to get actionable insights with operational reliability.

Open Analytics solutions are defined by the following three pillars:

1. Open customization

  • End-to-end configuration of the analytics pipeline
  • AI Models: Swap or retrain/redeploy AI models for single- or multiple-stage inferencing
  • Filtering libraries: Configure parameters or deploy new libraries to implement business rules

2. Open choice

  • Cross-platform compute options (CPU, GPU, FPGA)
  • Vendor independence
  • Multiple deployment models (edge, On-prem, private and public cloud, hybrid)
  • Works with any IP video camera feed

3. Open integration

  • SDK to embed functionality in any application or product
  • API to integrate with business systems (VMS, BI/visualization, and more)
  • Multiple application and UI options (web, mobile, CLI, and more)

Why Open Analytics?

Open Analytics enables businesses to create analytics as flexibly as their unique circumstances call for, optimizing performance throughout any organization to reduce risk, increase rewards, and drive revenue.

We call this “Open Creation.”

Reduce risk

  • Decrease false positives dramatically by delivering operational reliability with actionable insights in complex environments and use cases
  • Provide accuracy and real-time performance to fully transition to AI-driven business for physical security, worker safety, and other use cases

Increase reward

  • Streamline operational business processes by providing contextual analytics across streams of sensor and video data
  • Deploy from edge to cloud to improve performance, minimize cost, and meet regulatory requirements

Drive revenue

  • Deliver value-added use cases with advanced AI models and contextual analytics that deliver compelling ROI
  • Decrease cost with optimized TCO by deploying on right-sized hardware (start with CPUs, migrate to GPUs, FPGAs, or SOCs as needed)

Megh Computing: The Open Analytics leader

Megh Computing was founded on Open Analytics principles. The result is our fully customizable, cross-platform Video Analytics Solution (VAS) offerings: VAS SDK toolkit and VAS Suite.

VAS is powered by Nimble Application Framework, which allows customization across the entire analytics pipeline for use case-specific accuracy. Engineered to seamlessly leverage hardware acceleration for CPU, GPU, and FPGA hardware architectures, the framework makes VAS a truly high-performance, real-time analytics solution. And for highly complex, deep learning AI algorithms, Megh’s proprietary Deep Learning Engine (DLE) on FPGAs can improve performance 10x over GPUs. 

With Megh’s Concierge Support, it’s never been easier to leverage the power of AI. Whether you’re an end user or integration partner searching for an intelligent video analytics solution that you can depend on, or a developer or OEM that wants total control over how you embed an AI platform into your application, Megh’s Open Analytics solutions provide the best of both worlds.

Contact us to request a demo or learn more.

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