New white paper explores using FPGAs to accelerate real-time analytics of streaming data

Provides an overview on overcoming the limits of data center infrastructure and the challenges of FPGA deployment

Portland, OR (April 18, 2019)—Megh Computing, Inc. today released a white paper for enterprise strategy and IT personnel titled “Using FPGAs for advanced real-time analytics of streaming data,” providing an overview of problems of and solutions to extracting competitive value from today’s surging flows of business data.

Big data analytics adoption in enterprises soared from 17% in 2015 to 59% in 2018, reaching a compound annual growth rate of 36%. Advanced analytics, however, increasingly poses extreme, sometimes prohibitive, demands on compute infrastructure. It often requires exceptionally low latency, high throughput, and scalability—areas where field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) can perform very well.

The white paper provides an overview of key constraints of current data center infrastructure that limit support of advanced real-time analytics of streaming data. It discusses how the rising use of FPGAs delivers required performance, but also poses challenges relating to hardware integration, device programming and management, and application integration. The paper also covers several recent trends that address these barriers, enabling FPGA acceleration of real time analytics for higher compute efficiencies and lower latencies.

“The third wave of computing in the data center is underway,” said Prabhat K. Gupta, founder and CEO of Megh Computing. “Now specialized hardware accelerators based on FPGAs are available on-premise and, in the cloud, to support the needs of real time streaming, machine learning, and deep learning for analytics and other applications.”

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Megh Computing’s mission is to enable the third wave of computing in the data center with scale-out FPGA-based accelerators. We were founded in 2017 by a team from Intel that pioneered the use of FPGAs in the data center. Over the past ten years, this team has taken the promise of heterogeneous computing with CPU and FPGA platforms from concept to production. Our current focus is leveraging our expertise in full stack development to deliver a platform that accelerates real-time analytics using FPGA accelerators in the public, private, and edge cloud.


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