Intel Smart Facilities Constellation initiative features Megh Video Analytics Solution

In its Industry Value Constellation brief titled “Smart Facilities Enrich the Visitor Experience,” Intel describes the importance of smart places and “key technology imperatives” for delivering them, highlighting Megh Computing’s Video Analytics Solution (VAS).

“In today’s digital world, people expect and demand more from the places they visit,” the brief stated. “Decision-makers are discovering how artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision-powered solutions enable a new approach to transforming public and private facilities into smart spaces.”

Emphasizing how “edge AI enables computation to happen closer to the source” to enable real-time value, Intel lists the features of a “well-thought-out solution”:

  1. Endpoint connected (data gathered at the edge for richer analytics),
  2. Edge compute accelerated (for speed and environment-suited hardware),
  3. Network optimized (for transparent handoff from wired to wireless), and
  4. Cloud connected (on-premises, cloud service provider, or hybrid configurations for real-time updates and continuous analytics)

Not surprisingly—meeting these and other criteria for successful deployment of AI-based intelligent video—the brief features Megh’s VAS as a company partner solution that meet “technical thresholds and best practices, making them ready for scale.” Aligned with the Industry Value Constellation smart facilities initiative, Megh’s VAS for Smart Buildings, VAS for Smart Retail, and VAS for Smart Warehouses market-ready solutions reduce risks and improve operational efficiencies for places, deployed from edge to cloud over fixed and wireless networks.

The brief also points out that VAS is Intel-optimized, leveraging the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and Intel® oneAPI toolkits technical stack, making them high performance in distributed systems.

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