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REST and WebSocket APIs in Nimble

The Nimble application framework Nimble is a fast and lightweight service-based framework for implementing video analytics pipelines targeted for CPU, GPU, FPGA, and SOC platforms. As illustrated below, Nimble sits on top of the Arka Runtime, which manages deep learning inferencing on the targeted platforms and enables seamless integration of The Megh Platform into existing

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Megh’s fully customizable, cross-platform Video Analytics Solution (VAS) is available as the VAS SDK toolkit and VAS Suite of products. VAS SDK is targeted for enterprises, system integrators (SI), OEMs, and developers, enabling full control to optimize video analytics pipelines and integrate highly customizable AI into applications. VAS SDK is one member of Megh’s family

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Open Analytics: A new approach to intelligent video analytics

The demand for edge analytics is increasing rapidly with the explosion of streaming data from sensors, cameras, and other sources. Of these, video remains the dominant data source with over a billion cameras deployed globally. Enterprises want to extract intelligence from these data streams to create business value. As such, over the past decade, we’ve

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