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Megh’s platform strategy — Part 2

In part 1 (Megh’s platform strategy), we talked about the increasingly rapid explosion of data (from the Web, sensors, IOT devices, etc.), the need for efficient processing, and the value proposition of our real-time streaming analytics platform from the perspective of CIOs, data scientists, and developers. In this post, we discuss how the vendor-agnostic architecture

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Megh VAS Beta 1 Release showcases acceleration of deep learning functions

We are excited to announce that the Megh Video Analytics Solution (Megh VAS) Beta 1 Release is available! The Megh VAS Beta 1 Release extends the earlier Megh VAS alpha releases. The alpha releases showcased inline processing of various streams, including filtering and transformations of data. For example, the Megh VAS Alpha Release for Intel

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Video analytics use cases to manage COVID-19 response

Four months into 2020, the world is facing a grave global health crisis: the outbreak of a novel coronavirus respiratory disease, COVID-19. Can new digital technology be used to help identify and mitigate the impact of COVID-19? Thankfully, the answer is yes. One technology now in the forefront of the global emergency is the use

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Implementing a CPU-based real-time video analytics pipeline

With growth in available data and computation power, use of video analytics solutions has been growing visibly. Most real-time video analytics use-cases, however, require response times in milliseconds—a level of performance that both CPUs and GPUs cannot always meet when it comes to inference. Here we discuss implementation of a real-time video analytics pipeline on

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