Author: Padmashri Gargesa

Megh demos Video Analytics Solution on Intel

Megh Computing has been demonstrating its Video Analytics Solution on the Intel platform. The Video Analytics Solution (VAS) is based on Megh’s Real Time Streaming Analytics platform and targeted for various use cases, including fraud prevention in the retail supply chain, inventory tracking in manufacturing, and video surveillance for security. Demos took place at: Intel

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Megh demos Spark-based real-time streaming video analytics using FPGAs

Megh computing demonstrated “Spark-based real-time streaming video analytics using FPGAs” at the Intel booth during the Spark+AI Summit in April 2019. Key features of the demo included: Streaming analytics at scale with Spark Streaming and Analytics Zoo Real-time performance with Intel FPGA analytics pipelines acceleration Enabled by Megh Computing for various use cases with low

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Implementing a real-time, deep learning pipeline with Spark Streaming

With the current information age defining the third wave, we are facing an explosion of real-time data, which is in turn increasing demand for real-time analytics. A real-time analytics solution pipeline typically utilizes a streaming library and an analytics platform. Apache Spark is an open-source, distributed computing platform designed to run analytics payloads on a

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