AI technology press affirming Megh’s mission

EnterpriseAI is the latest in the advanced computing press to affirm Megh Computing’s mission to enable the third wave of computing in the data center with scale-out FPGA-based accelerators. In “Intel Extends FPGA Ecosystem: Edge, Network, Data Center” the publication—which describes itself as “a meeting ground that enlightens and informs IT strategists by examining the enterprise AI technologies and deployment”—highlighted several key aspects of Megh’s venture.

The piece begins by confirming the “insatiable appetite for higher throughput and lower latency—particularly where edge analytics and AI, network functions, or for a range of data center acceleration needs are concerned.” This has moved decision-makers increasingly to embrace FPGA-based solutions.

Previously published as EnterpriseTech, the publication highlights the importance of Megh Computing’s core value proposition, noting that the rate and pain points of FPGA adoption rely crucially on “a built-out ecosystem of frameworks and APIs that simplify their use.” This is the critical need that Megh’s platform is helping to address.

The article also singles out Megh as an authority in the space, quoting founder and CEO Prabhat K. Gupta from his recent piece in Datanami, “Why CTOs Should Reconsider FPGAs”:

As enterprises transition from reliance on traditional business intelligence to advanced analytics via machine learning and deep learning, the demands on computing infrastructure increase exponentially. These high volumes of streaming data require new levels of performance, including lower latency and higher throughput. In this competitive environment, CTOs must step up their infrastructure and use the most efficient tools and programs available in order to differentiate their enterprises. However, many CTOs are overlooking a key technology needed to do so: field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based accelerators.

Megh Computing was founded in 2017 by a team from Intel that pioneered the use of FPGAs in the data center. This team has taken the promise of heterogeneous computing with CPU and FPGA platforms from concept to production, leveraging its expertise in full stack development to deliver a platform that accelerates real-time analytics using FPGA accelerators in the public, private, and edge cloud.



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