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Deliver on the promise of AI

for real-time streaming analytics at the edge
with the best-in-class Megh Open Analytics Platform


Smart buildings

Smart cities

Smart factories

Smart retail

Smart warehouses

Built on Megh Open Analytics Platform, Megh’s Video Analytics Solution (VAS) reduces risk and improves operational efficiencies with actionable insights and total control.

The VAS product line includes market-ready smart-place solutions deployable from edge to cloud on wired and wireless networks.

ELIMINATE FALSE POSITIVES with advanced AI models optimized through real-time continuous training

UNLOCK NEW INSIGHTS from existing cameras and sensors with contextual awareness created by ingesting data on the same platform

REDUCE COSTS by leveraging cross-platform support across CPU, GPU, FPGA, and SOC architectures for lowest TCO

A comprehensive, end-to-end solution

VAS Suite analytics work with VAS Portal site management—both fully customizable using VAS SDK.

Physical security

Intrusion, loiter, and proximity detection, people occupancy and tracking, and more

Worker safety

PPE compliance, fire and spill detection, monitor keep-out areas, worker fallen, and more

Inventory management

Box and pallet counting, object left behind, planogram compliance, shelf stock, and more

Operational efficiency

Dwell times, heat maps, queue management, space utilization, worker productivity, and more

Traffic management

ALPR, traffic violation, vehicle access control, vehicle counting, vehicle tracking, and more

Custom analytics

Develop actionable insights on any aspect of operations

See the entire use case library.

Actionable insights for a wide range of use cases based on operationally-reliable accuracy

Turn any IP camera into a smart camera, with optimized AI for every video stream and real-time performance that takes your business to the next level.

Most flexible

Most scalable

Highest performing

Open vendor choice

A platform optimized for real-world complexity and performance

VAS makes it easy for end users and developers to leverage the benefits of innovative AI technology.

See a VAS for Smart Places demo, including physical security, worker safety, operational efficiencies, and other use cases, and configuring analytics using the dashboard.

See Intel’s edge AI partner testimonial video for Megh Computing.

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Megh’s fully customizable, cross-platform Video Analytics Solution (VAS) is available as the VAS SDK toolkit and VAS Suite of products.

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