to deliver actionable insights and provide total control

Achieve true operational reliability with VAS, our customizable, cross-platform, real-time intelligent video analytics solution.


VAS is an Open Analytics platform that delivers on the promise of AI, for even your most complex video analytics use cases.

VAS Suite

Megh’s web-based VAS Suite, with Concierge Support, creates ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS from video analytics that extend your capabilities while reducing costs.


For enterprises, system integrators (SIs), OEMs, and developers, VAS SDK enables TOTAL CONTROL to optimize video analytics pipelines and integrate highly customizable AI into your applications or products.

Situational awareness

Detect intrusion and loitering by people or vehicles

Worker and public safety

Monitor social distancing and PPE compliance

Manage inventory

Track and decrease inventory loss and distortion

Custom analytics

Develop actionable insights on any aspect of operations

Occupancy and people counting

Track in/out totals, traffic flow, peak hours, heatmaps, and more

Actionable Insights based on operationally-reliable accuracy

Turn any IP camera into a smart camera, with optimized AI for every video stream and real-time performance that takes your business to the next level.

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Smart cities

Improve flows, safety, services, and other operations across an entire locality

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Smart factories

Enhance flexibility and efficiency of design, procurement, manufacturing, and shipping

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Smart offices

Strengthen collaboration, automate tasks, and enable other workplace optimizations

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Smart buildings

Automate heating, ventilation, lighting, security, maintenance, and other systems

Targeting smart places

Automate the use of video as a signal to create actionable insights for operators of smart places

Most flexible

Most scalable

Highest performing

Open vendor choice

A platform optimized for real-world complexity and performance

VAS makes it easy for end users and developers to leverage the benefits of innovative AI technology.

See VAS Suite demo of public safety use cases

Experience VAS Suite performing intrusion detection, loiter detection, people occupancy, people counting, and physical distancing.

Hear about VAS from ISC West

Chuck Harold (“The Security Guy”) talks with Megh’s Bill Fitzhenry about VAS.

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Megh’s fully customizable, cross-platform Video Analytics Solution (VAS) is available as the VAS SDK toolkit and VAS Suite of products.

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